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Buttons in History (Menasha, Too!)

Today, buttons are used for all themes - everything from advertising, school promotions, music & entertainment, sports, causes (environment, political) and everything in between. Where did it all start? Here's a rundown of significant dates in the history of buttons and how they came to be what they are today. For more examples of buttons, see:

The Beginning of Today's Pin Back Buttons
  • The First Button (1787) - Joshua Wedgwood of the Wedgwood pottery dynasty ordered the production of the Wedgewood anti-slavery medallion to promote the British anti-slavery movement to the House of Commons. This is believed to be the first use of a slogan on a product and a forerunner of today's political campaign button. If you are interested in seeing an image of the first button, CLICK HERE.

  • Presidential Campaign Buttons (1789) -                                                                                                         George Washington's supporters wore buttons imprinted with                                                                                     the slogan "Long Live the President". Remakes of them can be                                                                                    found on Etsy & Zazzle. 

Geo Washing - long live the pres2.jpg

Menasha's Buttons

Here are some Menasha buttons that we've found to share with you. We don't have the complete history so we'd appreciate if you'd share any information you know. Also, if you have a Menasha button not featured here, please send us a picture.

We'd love to add it to this list.  

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