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Welcome to the
Menasha History Trivia Challenge!

Join us for a night of entertainment and local trivia as we host a special Menasha take on “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” TV game show, featuring questions about our beloved city through its entire 150-year history.

Form a team of four people to vie for the coveted title of Menasha Sesquitorian.

(Yup, we just made that up!). You can also register as a single, a couple or three people, but then you’ll be randomly paired up to make a foursome. A fun way to meet new people and a smart strategy to combine your skills.

At times in the evening we will offer Parker John’s BBQ and Pizza gift cards for the members of your team correctly answering questions with an interesting Menasha history spin. And, of course, the winning team will leave with their very own Chalice of Champions!

We’ll limit the game to 64 players seated at 16 four-person tables. So, please register soon at the end of this section for your seats. Registration opens December 4th at 11am. 


Brian Kopetsky
Library Director

Trivia Poster NEW.png


Friday, January 19, 2024 - 7:30PM

Elisha D. Smith Menasha Public Library

Company E Room Downstairs



Our friends at the Menasha Historical Society will provide us with a series of multiple-choice questions from a 150 year range of local categories.  

These will include notable persons, businesses, streets, buildings, landmarks and sports.  Explore our hometown history and have fun learning about it. 


Each question will be displayed on the “big board” and our Menasha History Trivia Challenge volunteers will distribute an answer sheet for each question. And each correct answer moves you up the chart, and the first team to one million dollars wins. You may win the game, not a million dollars – sorry, we’re a library, we don’t have that kind of money.

Correct Answer 1 - $100                     Correct Answer 2 - $200

Correct Answer 3 - $300                     Correct Answer 4 - $500

Correct Answer 5 - $1,000                  Correct Answer 6 - $2,000
Correct Answer 7 - $4,000                  Correct Answer 8 - $8,000 

Correct Answer 9 - $16,000                Correct Answer 10 - $32,000

Correct Answer 11 - $64,000              Correct Answer 12 - $125,000
Correct Answer 13 - $250,000            Correct Answer 14 - $500,000

Correct Answer 15 - $1,000,000


Team standings will be updated on the big board after each round of questions.


Not a trivia expert? That’s okay, each team will have seven lifelines to help it out and make things a little more exciting. Each card may only be played once. The seven lifelines are:

ASK AN EXPERT: Members of the Historical Society will be on hand. Play this card to ask ONE of them for the answer to your questions. Of course, there’s no guarantee they know the answer to that particular question.


50 / 50: Play this card and one of our helpers will eliminate two of the wrong answers for your team.


KNOCK 'EM DOWN A PEG: Play this card to move your team of your choice back one level on the money board.


FREEBIE: Playing this card moves you up one level on the money board. This card must be played before the question is read and cannot be used above level 10 on the money board.


PEEK: You get to see the answer given by the team of your choice.


AM I RIGHT?: One of our helpers will tell you if you have chosen the correct answer.


SWAPSIES: Swap your answer sheet with a neighbor team.


If we use up all our written questions before any team makes it to $1,000,000.00, the team with the highest dollar value will be declared the winner. In the event of a tie, we’ll go to a sudden death question with the winner being the team that gets closest to the actual answer.

Please do not use cell phones or other technologies to answer questions.

Any team member seen on their phone or device during a game question will have their entire team disqualified.


As mentioned earlier, we’ll have Parker John’s BBQ and Pizza gift cards for winning teams and random door prize drawings for participants through the evening. The winning team will also have the distinction of winning a set of our custom-printed wine tumblers!


You can contact the Reference Desk at the Elisha D. Smith Public Library.

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